UUANI Campaign for Justice 2019: New Actions for Illinois Senators

Our Illinois legislators are home in their districts for the next two weeks, mid-term break. There are new opportunities for our senators when they return to Springfield. Four bills on our UUANI Campaign for Justice slate passed the House and were sent to the Senate last week, and the Senate has a strong bill for the Fair Tax.

Make a date to meet with your Illinois Senator to ask their support for these bills:

Immigrant Justice:

HB 2040 (Cassidy/Peters): Private Detention Facility Moratorium Act

Extends current law barring private prison detention facilities in Illinois to include holding facilities for civil detention of immigrants and refugees. Fact sheet HERE.

HB 2691 (Hernandez/Lightford): Retaining IL Students & Equity (RISE) Act

Ensures equal access to state financial aid for students in higher learning institutions who are currently ineligible for federal aid (undocumented students, transgender students, those who have exhausted funding). Fact sheet HERE.

(partnering with Campaign for a Welcoming Illinois & UUSC)

Racial Justice:

HB 2045 (Ammons/Sims): Healthcare in Prison

Eliminates the $5 co-pay for medical or dental services in prison. Fact sheet HERE.

HB 2444 (Cassidy/Collins): Best Interest of the Child Act

Prevents unnecessary harm to children caused by separation through parental incarceration by requiring a Family Impact Plan that provides community-based placements or sentences whenever possible. Fact sheet HERE.

(partnering with UU Prison Ministry of Illinois)

Economic Justice:

SJRCA 0001 (Harmon): Fair Tax

Proposes a graduated income tax for Illinois, which allows lower tax rates for lower incomes and higher tax rates for higher incomes, reducing income inequality and providing adequate revenue in support of the common good. Fact sheet HERE.

(partnering w/Community Renewal Society & Responsible Budget Coalition)

Environmental Justice

SB2132: Clean Energy Jobs Act: CEJA

Puts Illinois on track for 100% renewable energy by 2050, elimination of fossil-fueled vehicles, a carbon-free economy by 2030 and creation of jobs and opportunities in the energy sector. Fact sheet HERE.

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And a shout out! to Governor Pritzker, who signed into law HB531 (held over from last year), allowing criminal offenders who are imprisoned as youth to be considered for parole after serving 10 years.

Build justice for immigrants and refugees in Illinois: A matter of affirming the interdependent web of which we are ALL a part

In solidarity with our Immigrant justice folks who are going to Springfield on Wednesday, ask your legislators to support the RISE and the KIFTA ACTS. Both bills are out of committee and coming to the House floor for a vote up or down this week.

RISE (Retaining Illinois Students and Equity) HB2691: Mandates that Illinois state financial aid be made available to immigrant and refugee students in higher learning institutions, who are not eligible for federal aid.

Check HERE to see if your Representative supports this bill. If they do, say THANK YOU! HERE. If not, click HERE to urge your Representative to vote for HB2691 this week.

KIFTA (Keep Illinois Families Together Act) HB1637: Protects Illinois residents from ICE activity in public places in Illinois and further limits collaboration between state or local law enforcement and ICE. New rules limit collaboration with immigration enforcement (ICE) in public schools, state-funded heath facilities, libraries, state offices and courthouses. Public facilities including schools and colleges will be prohibited from collecting information regarding citizenship status, and law enforcement agents may not inquire about citizenship or immigration status or place of birth of any individual.

Check HERE to see if your Representative supports this bill. If they do, say THANK YOU! HERE. If not click HERE to ask them to vote for HB1637 this week.

Abolish money bond: A matter of justice, equity, and compassion in human relations: Equal Justice for All Act HB3347

One of the most discriminatory practices in our criminal justice system is requiring that a person arrested on an offense for which they are eligible for pre-trial release pending a court appearance must post a substantial money bond in order to to be released. Folk without the resources are jailed until their court appearance. Jailed for weeks, often months, before a court hearing, detainees lacking a cash bond lose jobs, housing, wages, sometimes their children.

HB3347 will make this system fairer for all Illinois residents. HB3347 allows eligible arrestees to be released on recognizance, with a date for court appearance. The courts will provide common sense services like reminder calls, text messages and transportation assistance. As always, judges will retain discretion in awarding release, determined by likelihood (or not) to harm others or flee.

Too often access to wealth determines whether an accused person will be jailed or remain free and connected to their family, their job, and their community. Let’s establish equal justice for all and end money bond in Illinois!

Check HERE to see if your representative is supporting this bill. If not, click HERE to ask them to sign on as co-sponsor. If they are a supporter, click HERE to send a thank you!

Take further action:

If you are responding to this Action before 4 pm Tuesday (March 26), click HERE to file a witness slip to the Criminal Justice Committee in support of HB3347.

Here are instructions for “witness slipping”

Under Section I, fill in your identification information (under business you can write “UUANI” or self.

Under Section II, write "self."

In Section III, select "Proponent"

In Section IV, select "Record of Appearance Only."

Agree to the ILGA Terms of Agreement (bottom left).

Select the "Create Slip" button (bottom right). You are done!

Partnering with UU Prison Ministry of Illinois and the Community Renewal Society

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