Ending Cash Bail

Ending Cash Bail: A Matter of Equity and Justice

The current bail system in Illinois is broken. Every day thousands of people accused of non-violent offenses are incarcerated and held awaiting trial because they cannot afford bail. This system discriminates against those who are poor but pose no threat to society.

Pretrial detention causes people to lose jobs and income, with a cascade of negative effects for them and their dependents. It also leads people to take plea deals that put convictions on their records, where or not they are guilty of the crime, in order to secure release with a sentence of time served while in detention.

HB 3421 would establish a risk assessment system to determine whether individuals should be released on their own recognizance, placed under supervision, or detained based on the risk to society or of failing to appear in court, rather than on ability to post bail.

Click below to urge your legislator to co-sponsor HB 3421 ending cash bail in Illinois and allowing pretrial detention only in the most serious cases.