Immigration Action

Disentangling Police from Immigration Enforcement: Towards World Community with Liberty and Justice for All

Trust between immigrant communities and police is being undermined by attempts to entangle local police in federal immigration enforcement, raising fear of seeking police assistance for fear of deportation. The Illinois TRUST Act (HB 3099/SB 31) seeks to protect and build trust between local police and immigrant communities by limiting local police involvement in federal immigration enforcement.

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The TRUST Act’s main provisions will:

  • Bar local law enforcement from being deputized as immigration agents or engaging in immigration enforcement without a court-issued warrant
  • Limit arrests based solely on immigration-related information included in federal databases
  • Bar the use of private prisons to house immigration detainees
  • Bar local participation in federal registry programs based on country of origin or religion
  • Include the Immigration Safe Zones Act (HB 426), which bars federal immigration agents from entering state-funded schools or health institutions unless presenting a court-issued warrant.