Automatic Voter Registration!

Automatic Voter Registration: Giving Everyone a Voice in the Democratic Process

By simply changing voter registration at state agencies like the Dept. of Motor Vehicles from opt-in to opt-out, Automatic Voter Registration (AVR) could ensure that more than a million currently eligible but unregistered voters are able to vote. AVR would also make voter rolls more accurate and secure through more frequent records updating. And modernizing the process through electronic voter registration would reduce paperwork and cost.

  • Click here to urge your state representative and Governor Rauner to support Automatic Voter Registration (SB 1933).

SB 1933 passed the Senate with bi-partisan support on May 5. Gov. Rauner vetoed similar legislation last year, citing concerns about fraud and potential conflict with federal law. This legislation addresses these issues by confirming eligibility before registration and by giving voters a chance to opt out.

Thanks for speaking up for voting rights in Illinois.