Immigration Safe Zones for Illinois -- Love Resists!

As the fate of Dreamers continues to be held in balance nationally, we remember that their immigrant families are also on the line. If the nation can’t move, we can do the right thing in Illinois.  HB426 creates safe sanctuary for immigrants in Illinois through the Immigration Safe Zones Act. It  provides that schools, health care facilities and places of worship may bar access by law enforcement agents seeking to detain or arrest individuals for violation of federal immigration law without a warrant.  It also prohibits employees of public schools and institutions of higher education from asking about the immigration status of the student or their family.
It is time for Illinois to stand with the movement to develop sanctuary for immigrants on the state level.  Cities around the state are crafting welcoming platforms as sanctuary cities. Let’s send a strong message to our Illinois legislators to stand with this grassroots initiative.
Click HERE to urge your legislator to support HB 426