Combating Illegal Gun Trafficking

The people of Illinois have spoken loud and clear — by a vote of 12-1, Illinois voters affirmed a resolution to curb illegal gun trafficking in Illinois by requiring universal gun dealer licensing in Illinois.

SB337, Gun Dealer Licensing — now “Combating Illegal Gun Trafficking” — PASSED BOTH HOUSES in the Spring and now sits on the Governor’s desk. Governor Rauner vetoed a past version of the bill and is likely to do it again — BUT we are close to having a veto-proof majority of legislators committed to overriding the likely veto. We need a few more Senate votes to get the job done in the current legislative year.

Check HERE to see if your senator is on board. If not, send them a nudge HERE to get with the program! And if they have endorsed the bill, click HERE and change the letter to read “THANK YOU for supporting SB337, mandating gun dealer licensing in Illinois to curb illegal gun trafficking.”