The FIRST STEP ACT for prison reform

2 The FIRST STEP ACT was passed by the House in May and is now in the Senate, with bipartisan support -- but it needs to be moved onto the floor for a vote before Congress adjourns for the holidays.

Last month members of the Senate Judiciary Committee agreed on a bipartisan compromise that represents significant steps toward ending mass incarceration by reducing long sentences for felons convicted of nonviolent crimes, making sentencing more flexible for judges, introducing more humane treatment in prison, and facilitating reintegration into society for ex-felons.

Pregnant inmates would no longer be shackled during birth; prisoners would be housed closer to their families, judges would get more leeway to avoid mandatory minimum sentencing; some inmates incarcerated on crack cocaine charges could petition for sentence reduction; and a “third strike” would no longer mean life in prison. The FIRST STEP ACT would also initiate practices helping inmates successfully re-enter society.

Click HERE to ask our Senators to rally support for the FIRST STEP ACT. It represents long overdue restoration of humane rights in the practices of our criminal justice system.