Gun Dealer Licensing -- a matter of compassion and justice

We say, no more!  We can stop the easy access to guns that results in senseless killing.  Right now in Illinois, SB1657, the Gun Dealer Licensing Act, has just been brought to the floor for discussion (3rd Reading) and a proposed vote.  The Gun Dealer Licensing Act doesn’t do it all, but it does provide for oversight by licensing of all gun dealers.  From there regulations can be imposed that a dealer must follow in order to retain a license.  Without the licensing requirement, further regulation of “bump stocks,” “multiple magazines,” age limits of purchasers, etc., is poorly enforced.  SB 1657 would give Illinois the ability to promote better business practices and hold corrupt dealers accountable by law and not merely by conscience.
Click HERE to urge your legislators, both Senate and House, to move SB1657 forward!