A Fair Tax for Illinois -- for the common good!

It’s Tax Day, good people!  And we remember that our state’s tax structure is deeply unfair to its middle-income and working-class taxpayers, and inadequate to funding vital investments like education, human services, healthcare, higher education, infrastructure and public safety.  As one of the few states in the country with a flat income tax, Illinois fails to tap vital resources through levying fair taxes on the wealthy, which leaves the state failing to fund essential services we all need.

A new poll released by the Paul Simon Public Policy Institute at SIU Carbondale shows that 72% of Illinois voters — including Republicans and Democrats, urban and rural, upstate and downstate — support the concept of a Fair Tax to fund our state services.  A Fair Tax will actually effect a tax break for 90% of our citizens.  

We can  move NOW toward a Fair Tax for Illinois.  We have 3 weeks left to put an amendment to the state constitution on the 2018 ballot in November, to let voters decide what kind of tax system we want.  To do that, we need to pass a resolution through both houses of the Illinois General Assembly — SJRCA 1 and HJRCA39 — by May 6th!

CLICK HERE to ask your legislators to support a ballot appeal in November for a Fair Tax Amendment for Illinois.