Immigration Safe Zones : A Matter of Compassion

The Immigration Safe Zones Act has been moving quickly through the Senate and gathering momentum. It is now on the calendar for its final consideration and vote.

The Immigration Safe Zones Act establishes sanctuary for immigrants and refugees within the state of Illinois.  It provides that law enforcement in the State of Illinois shall not cooperate with federal immigration enforcement (ICE) in these contexts:  Schools and education centers receiving state funding, state-funded health-care facilities, public libraries, facilities operated by the Office of the Secretary of State, and state courts.  The Act provides that an in-state law enforcement official shall not assist or support any immigration operation by an immigration agent in or around any of those agencies unless said officials present a valid and properly issued criminal warrant related to the investigation or prosecution of any criminal offense.  It provides that all applications, questionnaires, and interview forms used in relation to benefits, opportunities, or services provided by a State agency, or tuition verification, scholarships, grants, or services provided by a public elementary or secondary school or public institution of higher education shall not ask questions regarding citizenship or immigration status.  
Check HERE to see if your Senator has expressed support by co-sponsoring this bill.  If not, click HERE to urge them to sign on as co-sponsor.