A Fair Tax for Illinois -- committing to the common good

Illinois legislators are moving quickly toward affirming a resolution to establish a graduated income tax for Illinois.   A graduated income tax represents a  fair and equitable way for Illinois to glean the revenue it needs to support programming for all its citizens, especially the most vulnerable.

Illinois Representatives have been signing onto HR1025 this past week, and we need you to do two things:   Check HERE to see if your representative is on board -- if they are not, click HERE to urge them to support HR1025.

Secondly, the Committee for Finance and Revenue is holding a hearing on the bill
THIS WEDNESDAY, May 2 at  2:30pm on the 6th floor of the Bilandic Center  (C-600) in Chicago.  If you are in Chicago, plan to be there! In any case, file a witness slip HERE to vote your support (the pro’s and opp’s are running neck on neck!)  Here’s how to do that:

    Section 1:  Fill in your info, register yourself as “self” or “UUANI”

    Section 2:  Register yourself as “self”, “citizen, “UUANI”

    Section 3:  Select “Proponent”

    Section 4:  select “Record of Appearance only,” unless you plan to be there

    Sign onto the ILGA terms of agreement (left corner), and “create slip” (right corner)

Done!  Thank you!
Let our legislators know we are watching!