Restorative justice through voter rights

Registering to vote is the gateway to being civically engaged.  Right now, citizens who are being held pre-trial in jail, citizens returning from incarceration, and citizens who have a past felony are all eligible to vote.  And yet, most feel they have been permanently disenfranchised by their involvement in criminal conviction.  HB4469 allows for providing voting facilities in jails and prisons and for making available voter registration for post-incarceration citizens.

On Tuesday, the Elections and Campaign Finance Committee will meet to consider bringing to the floor HB4469.  You can let your voice be heard by filing a Witness Slip in favor.  Here is how you do that:

Click HERE
Under Section I, fill in your identification information (under business write “UUANI” or “SELF”)
Again in Section II, write “UUANI” or “SELF.”
In Section III, select “Proponent”
In Section IV, select “Record of Appearance only”
Agree to the ILGA terms of agreement (left bottom)
Click "Create Slip" (right bottom)

Now check HERE to see if your representative is signed onto this initiative.  If not, check HERE to urge them to support restorative justice through voter rights

Thank you!
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