The Poor People’s Campaign: Compassion and justice for families in poverty

The Poor People’s Campaign:  A National Call for Moral Revival kicks off Monday, May 14 (gather at the Lincoln statue in Springfield, 2pm), for a week-long focus on women, youth, and children in poverty.  

Children from poor communities, especially children of color, are subject to arrest many times more often than our other children.  Just one day in jail can change the trajectory of a child’s life.  Let’s make arrest for children and youth the beginning of rehabilitation and restorative justice and not the dead end of a criminal life.

HB4543 amends the Juvenile Court Act to limit the minimum age at which a child may be detained to 13 years (it is now 10 years), with alternative foster detention for younger children.   HB4543 also amends the Children and Family Services Act by providing youth support services to reduce the use of detention and to prevent deeper criminal involvement.

At a hearing in April, voters expressed strong support for the bill.  But it needs support in the legislature.  Check HERE to see if your legislator is signed on as a co-sponsor.  If not, send them a message HERE urging them to support the youth of our state, to redirect them out of crime’s way.  Our future depends on the deep nurture of ALL our children!