Clean water for ALL our people

This coming Moral Monday, the Poor People’s Campaign lifts up the imperative to fight environmental injustice that disproportionately imperils poor communities.  Do your part by asking your Illinois legislator to support SB3080, which amends the Illinois Environmental Protection Act to mandate communities to replace lead water piping infrastructure.  SB3080 further amends the Public Utilities Act to establish a comprehensive assistance policy and program for citizens of low-income, assuring uninterrupted access to clean water and sewer facilities.

We have been agonizing for years about the levels of lead in drinking water for our most vulnerable families.  Illinois is stepping up this spring to forge a plan to replace lead infrastructure in community drinking water systems.  This is THE clean water effort of the spring legislative session.  And we are close to getting it done.  Urge your Senator to get on board!

Check HERE to see if your legislator is signed on.  If they are not,  click HERE to urge them to support SB3080.