Urge Governor Rauner to support restorative justice!

Our Illinois legislature has done a fine job passing several bills supporting restorative justice and working against recidivism in folks caught in the criminal justice system.  Now we need to ask Governor Rauner to sign the bills:  HB5341 allows fair access to employment by not allowing sealing or expungement of records to be denied on the basis of outstanding financial obligations like fees, fines, and court costs;  SB3388 extends the availability of Adult Redeploy, a program offering counseling, life coaching, problem-solving courts, and other restorative justice processes; and HB4469 affirms access to voting rights for pre-trial detainees and post-incarceration citizens.

Governor Rauner has expressed support of restorative justice measures.  Click HERE to urge Governor Rauner to sign these bills that allow formerly incarcerated people to reintegrate into their communities as productive citizens.