Protect our border families - VOTE NO for H.R. 4760

We are all appalled — as well we should be — at the practice of separating families at the southwestern border.  Members of Congress are crafting legislation to end this practice through an omnibus bill filled with their favorite anti-immigrant initiatives.  BUT the administration does not need Congress to pass legislation to end their “zero-tolerance” practice — the administration can do this by executive order.  

Meanwhile Congress is floating on our outrage a bill that will not only NOT end the practice of separating families, it will worsen the injustices faced by asylum seekers and their children.  It will drastically cut legal immigration quotas, eliminate green cards for family reunification and increase detention and deportation. Further, these bills do not offer a workable path to citizenship for the Dreamers among us.  

Click HERE to urge your congressperson to vote NO on the Securing America’s Future Act (HR4760) and the proposed Border Security and Immigration Reform Act.