Urge Governor Rauner to protect our immigrant neighbors

Amid the national uproar over the treatment of immigrants, remember that our Illinois state legislators this spring have passed important safeguards for our own immigrant people.   THIS WEEK, Governor Rauner is slated to sign these into law — or not.   Urge Governor Rauner to affirm the desire of Illinois citizens for compassion and justice for these beleaguered people.

The Immigration Safe Zones Act, SB35, provides that public buildings and sites of taxpayer-funded agencies be declared areas safe for all people regardless of immigration status, which includes sanctuary from arrest without warrant.  The Voices Act of 2018, SB34, requires state agencies to provide visas to qualifying individuals who are survivors of domestic violence, human trafficking or other criminal activity without requiring them to jeopardize their safety by identifying as undocumented people.  The Anti-registry Act, SB3488, provides that agencies may not create registry lists based on discriminatory characteristics such as nation of origin, religion, race, gender identity and immigration status.   

I am proud that Illinois has led the way in immigrant justice — let’s continue our exemplary protection for our immigrant people.

Click HERE to ask Governor Rauner to sign these bills!