Governor Rauner, your signature, please!

UUANI and our partners worked very hard this spring to persuade legislators to pass several suites of bills to protect the people of Illinois — A significant number of those bills were passed by both houses and now await the signature of our governor.  Passed by a majority of our legislators, they represent the voice of the people of Illinois — and yet they have not been signed into law.  Governor Rauner has 60 days from passage in the legislature (end of May) to sign and HIS TIME IS RUNNING OUT.  No signature amounts to a veto.  Demand that Governor Rauner heed the will of the people and sign these bills:  

Supporting restorative justice — HB4469 “Know your rights” affirms access to voting rights for people in jail and after incarceration; HB5341 Fair Access to Employment provides that outstanding fees and fines cannot stand in the way of sealing records in order to gain employment; SB3388 “Adult Redeploy” extends support services to a wider range of post-incarceration people.

Supporting immigrant and refugee rights —  SB35 Immigration Safe Zones designates public buildings as areas off-limits to unwarranted arrest and harassment for all people; SB34 the VOICES Act requires law enforcement to provide visas to qualified individuals without requiring them to jeopardize their safety as undocumented individuals; SB3488 the Anti-registry Act forbids agencies to create registry lists based on discriminatory characteristics such as national origin, religion, race, gender identity and immigration status.

Gun Safety — Governor Rauner just signed into law HB2354 the “Red Flag Firearms Restraining Order,” allowing a citizen to register a restraining order against the purchase or ownership of a gun for a person demonstrating real and present danger to a community; but not SB337 Combatting Illegal Gun Trafficking (formerly Gun Dealer Licensing).

If any of these issues resonate with you, TAKE ACTION and send a letter to Governor Rauner TODAY.  Apparently, he still needs to hear the voice of the people!  Use the bill number(s) in your letter subject and your best voice of outrage in your letter, with perhaps a hint that you have a vote to cast in the fall election.

Let our elected officials know we are watching them!