Urge Governor Rauner to support gun dealer licensing

In the wake of a weekend (and continuing!) of unprecedented gun violence in Chicago, we ask Governor Rauner to heed the will of his constituency in the General Assembly and SIGN SB337, The Combatting Illegal Gun Trafficking Act.  

SB337 encourages better business practices among gun dealers and defeats corrupt gun dealers.  Other states that have adopted similar requirements have seen the incidence of gun crimes reduced by more than half.

Recognizing the deleterious effect of illegal gun trafficking in our communities, legislators of both houses of the General Assembly have passed the bill this spring with bipartisan support.  We know Chicago does not represent the prevalence of gun violence for the entire state of Illinois, but all our sizable cities have seen an uptick in gun violence.  The citizens of all our urban communities need the protection of this bill.

Click HERE to urge Governor Rauner to sign SB337 NOW!

Partnered with Community Renewal Society