Pledge to Vote this fall!

We have struggled with our legislators this spring —we’ve seen some victories, but also much frustration.  These fall elections are going to be crucial in changing the dynamic in Springfield and in Washington.   Take some steps NOW to make a difference in November!

Affirm and promote our 5th UU principle by taking the UUANI/Poor People’s Campaign  Voting our Values pledge  HERE — a first step to promoting voter registration in and through your UU congregation this month.  

We’d like to get 100% participation of UUs, so forward this action to fellow UUs.

Gather a team in your congregation for a Get Out The Vote campaign in your congregation and in your neighborhood.  Find out what other congregations are doing by tuning in to a UUANI webinar TOMORROW EVENING  September 5 at 7:30.  Details and register HERE.

Check HERE to see that you yourself are registered and register online HERE.  

You have really stepped up this spring letting your legislators know you are watching them.

Thank you!