Comprehensive election reform

Our UU faith calls us to promote the democratic process as we design a way to live together that casts the widest circle of meaningful participation for our citizenry.

Our US House has resolved to do just that in HR1, promoting sweeping election reform — fair redistricting, equitable management of voter rolls that prohibits purging, stricter lobbying requirements, tax liability transparency for presidential candidates, and sweeping campaign finance reforms that eliminate the power of money in elections.

The great majority of your Illinois congresspeople are in support of HR1 as co-sponsors — give them a shout-out HERE. Let them know we are paying attention.

Some legislators are staging HR1 support and information gatherings next week during their in-district break. Find out if you can support your congressperson to get the word out. Here are two already scheduled meetings:

Rep Jan Schakowsky

5533 N. Broadway in Chicago

Wednesday, January 23, at 11 am

Rep Mike Bost

302 W State St

O’Fallon IL

Thursday, January 24, at 11 am