Fracking transparency: Affirming the interdependent web of which we are all a part

We in Illinois are struggling with a fracking industry that thrives on secrecy — we are asking that drillers be required to publish their activities. HB282 mandates that the length and direction of all horizontal extensions from a vertical bore hole be included in the Department of Natural Resources' weekly permit logs; and that this, as well as disclosure of all chemicals used, be made publicly available within the week. These data will be subject to monitoring by public health and environment personnel.

Our UU friends in Bloomington-Normal have shepherded this bill into the legislative process. The bill is now under review by the Committee for Energy and the Environment — and you may register your support by submitting a witness slip HERE

Witness slip instructions:

Under Section I, fill in your identification information (under business you can write UUANI or “self”)

Under Section II, write "self"

In Section III, select "Proponent"

In Section IV, select "Record of Appearance Only"

Agree to the ILGA Terms of Agreement on the left

Select the "Create Slip" button on the right. You are done!

You may also ask your legislator to sign on as a co-sponsor HERE

In solidarity with Illinois People's Action