Abolish money bond: A matter of justice, equity, and compassion in human relations: Equal Justice for All Act HB3347

One of the most discriminatory practices in our criminal justice system is requiring that a person arrested on an offense for which they are eligible for pre-trial release pending a court appearance must post a substantial money bond in order to to be released. Folk without the resources are jailed until their court appearance. Jailed for weeks, often months, before a court hearing, detainees lacking a cash bond lose jobs, housing, wages, sometimes their children.

HB3347 will make this system fairer for all Illinois residents. HB3347 allows eligible arrestees to be released on recognizance, with a date for court appearance. The courts will provide common sense services like reminder calls, text messages and transportation assistance. As always, judges will retain discretion in awarding release, determined by likelihood (or not) to harm others or flee.

Too often access to wealth determines whether an accused person will be jailed or remain free and connected to their family, their job, and their community. Let’s establish equal justice for all and end money bond in Illinois!

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If you are responding to this Action before 4 pm Tuesday (March 26), click HERE to file a witness slip to the Criminal Justice Committee in support of HB3347.

Here are instructions for “witness slipping”

Under Section I, fill in your identification information (under business you can write “UUANI” or self.

Under Section II, write "self."

In Section III, select "Proponent"

In Section IV, select "Record of Appearance Only."

Agree to the ILGA Terms of Agreement (bottom left).

Select the "Create Slip" button (bottom right). You are done!

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