UUANI Campaign for Justice 2019: New Actions for Illinois Senators

Our Illinois legislators are home in their districts for the next two weeks, mid-term break. There are new opportunities for our senators when they return to Springfield. Four bills on our UUANI Campaign for Justice slate passed the House and were sent to the Senate last week, and the Senate has a strong bill for the Fair Tax.

Make a date to meet with your Illinois Senator to ask their support for these bills:

Immigrant Justice:

HB 2040 (Cassidy/Peters): Private Detention Facility Moratorium Act

Extends current law barring private prison detention facilities in Illinois to include holding facilities for civil detention of immigrants and refugees. Fact sheet HERE.

HB 2691 (Hernandez/Lightford): Retaining IL Students & Equity (RISE) Act

Ensures equal access to state financial aid for students in higher learning institutions who are currently ineligible for federal aid (undocumented students, transgender students, those who have exhausted funding). Fact sheet HERE.

(partnering with Campaign for a Welcoming Illinois & UUSC)

Racial Justice:

HB 2045 (Ammons/Sims): Healthcare in Prison

Eliminates the $5 co-pay for medical or dental services in prison. Fact sheet HERE.

HB 2444 (Cassidy/Collins): Best Interest of the Child Act

Prevents unnecessary harm to children caused by separation through parental incarceration by requiring a Family Impact Plan that provides community-based placements or sentences whenever possible. Fact sheet HERE.

(partnering with UU Prison Ministry of Illinois)

Economic Justice:

SJRCA 0001 (Harmon): Fair Tax

Proposes a graduated income tax for Illinois, which allows lower tax rates for lower incomes and higher tax rates for higher incomes, reducing income inequality and providing adequate revenue in support of the common good. Fact sheet HERE.

(partnering w/Community Renewal Society & Responsible Budget Coalition)

Environmental Justice

SB2132: Clean Energy Jobs Act: CEJA

Puts Illinois on track for 100% renewable energy by 2050, elimination of fossil-fueled vehicles, a carbon-free economy by 2030 and creation of jobs and opportunities in the energy sector. Fact sheet HERE.

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And a shout out! to Governor Pritzker, who signed into law HB531 (held over from last year), allowing criminal offenders who are imprisoned as youth to be considered for parole after serving 10 years.