Actions of Immediate Witness for our people struggling with the criminal justice system: Strengthening the interdependent web of which we are ALL a part

Three bills on the UUANI/UUPMI legislative watch for racial justice which just passed the House are being considered by the Senate committee for Criminal Law this Wednesday, May 1, at 5 pm. That's tomorrow! Register a witness slip to help move the bills out of committee with a DO PASS recommendation.

HB2045 (Ammons/Sims) eliminates the $5 copay for medical or dental services in prison. Register a witness slip HERE.

HB2444 (Cassidy/Collins), The Best Interest of the Child Act, addresses the needs of arrested parents facing pre-trial detention: “at the initial bail hearing or any subsequent hearing, the defendant shall be released on recognizance if the judge finds that the defendant’s pre-trial detention will harm any infant or child in the defendant’s custody at the time of arrest,” unless defendant’s release will harm the community. This includes a defendant who is responsible for the care of an elderly parent. Register a witness slip HERE.

HB1587 (Harper/Sims) Reducing length of sentences allows judges to choose not to levy mandatory minimum sentences against offenders in some areas of crime, such as drug possession and retail theft. A beginning to change harsh mandatory minimums. Register a witness slip HERE.

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