The Fair Tax Resolution: A matter of economic justice for ALL our people

The Fair Tax resolution, SJRCA1, has passed the Senate and is in the House — let’s go all out to bring our Representatives on board now for this initiative -- making more equitable the state income tax structure AND easing the state's fiscal crisis.

A state-wide call-in is happening now and here’s an easy way to get the ear of your Representative: CALL 888-412-6570 and enter your zip code to be connected with your representative (or their voicemail). Here’s a suggested script:

“I’m a resident of Representative [fill in the blank]’s district, and I support the Fair Tax. A Fair Tax will make more equitable the state income tax structure, easing the fiscal burden for our most vulnerable families, while providing a long-term solution for the Illinois budget crisis.

A graduated income tax can mean that 97% of people in Illinois will pay the same or lower taxes, while wealthier constituents will pay a fairer share.

A Fair Tax referendum will give us voters the chance to decide for ourselves. Please vote yes on SJRCA1, recommending a referendum for a Fair Tax Amendment for Illinois.

Thank you!”

This is the closest we have ever been to passing a resolution for a Fair Tax amendment and giving the people of Illinois the power to choose a fair tax system, so let’s finish strong!

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