Our work for immigrant justice is bearing fruit!

Our work for Immigrant justice in Illinois has been rewarded with passage of RISE, HB2691, mandating that Illinois state financial aid to students not be denied immigrant and refugee students in higher education who are not eligible for federal aid. Furthermore, HB2040 just passed, barring state and local governments from contracting with private prison companies to run detention facilities for civil detention of refugees.

One important bill remains on our docket -- the Keep Illinois Families Together Act - HB1637 - KIFTA. KIFTA protects Illinois residents from ICE activity in public places and limits collaboration between state or local law enforcement and ICE -- it creates safe space in public schools, state-funded health facilities, libraries, state offices and courthouses. Public institutions including schools and colleges will be prohibited from collecting information regarding citizenship status, and law enforcement agents may not inquire about citizenship or immigration status or place of birth of any individual.

KIFTA comes before the House this week for a vote up or down. Let's get this one over the top this time!

Check HERE to find out if your representative supports KIFTA. If yes, click HERE to say thank you and remind them to vote this week. If not, urge them to support HB1637 HERE.

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