Protect the safety of refugee children

We in Illinois have been working tirelessly this spring to protect the rights and ensure the safety of immigrants and refugees in our state:  we have passed HB2040 extending the prohibition against private detention facilities to include facilities holding immigrants and refugees; we passed HB1637 prohibiting ICE from operating in public and publicly-funded places and prohibiting collaboration between state law enforcement and ICE. 

NOW let's ask our US Senators Durbin and Duckworth to show their support of our work in Illinois by cosponsoring two Senate bills promoting the safety and rights of immigrants and refugees on a national level:

S397 Shut Down Child Prison Camps Act, which would end the use of unlicensed  emergency detention facilities for refugee children such as Tomillo Texas and Homestead Florida (News flash -- we just shut down Homestead!  A massive win for grass roots advocates!

S388 The Families not Facilities Act, which would reduce the ability of ICE to engage in inappropriate civil immigration enforcement actions that harm the safety of unaccompanied children and prevent reunification of families.

The administration’s policies have resulted in a humanitarian crisis by overcrowding the facilities that detain unaccompanied immigrant minors.  Many children have been separated from their adult relatives at the border and funneled unnecessarily into separated custody.  Others have been blocked from reuniting with family members due to ICE raids targeting sponsors of unaccompanied minors.

Our Senators' support of the fair treatment of immigrants and refugees on a national level will reflect our efforts in Illinois to create safe haven in our community.  Let them hear from us now!  CLICK HERE.

While they are home in-district in August, make a date to visit with your legislators -- HERE are talking points to share with them.

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