August 2016: Reviving the Heart of Democracy

The current election season has displayed stark contrasts in value systems. The upcoming elections offer an important opportunity for UUs to act for values of justice, compassion, and interdependence over narcissism, xenophobia, and exploitation.

Yet we will likely face continuing challenges to our core values after the election, including ongoing attempts to de-legitimize and undermine the democratic process itself. The times call for a deeper response than either “politics as usual” or “tear it all down.”    We need to re-build our very democracy. I would argue that we need to do it by connecting with each other through real conversations, engaging in what Parker Palmer calls “healing the heart of democracy.” And we need what Rev. William Barber calls “a movement with heart” to revive this nation and bring it back to its core values of equality, liberty, and justice for all.

This is why we base our work on one-to-one conversations between people: as we build power to act collectively, we re-build the moral and relational fabric of our communities. Deepening our conversations, broadening our connections, and mobilizing ourselves for collective action—this is what UUANI is all about. Join us in building the world we long for.