January 2017: "We were made for these times..."

The times are calling for a clear and sustained "accumulation of acts" – as Clarissa Pinkola Estes puts it in her visionary post, “We were made for these times”– from we who dare to claim the centrality of love.


Accordingly, beginning this week UUANI will be sending out one focused call to action each week. With so much coming at us these days we need all hands on deck, and our hope is that this will offer a way for each of us to do at least one thing each week rather than getting overwhelmed by it all. Moreover, these will be actions we can do as UUs, framed in our UU values, in ways we can share with our congregations on Sunday mornings, together with other UUs around the state.


Some of them will be actions you can do online (emailing your legislators, sending a letter to the editor, posting to social media), some will be phone calls (harder but more effective), some will be direct action (showing up at a town hall or other event), and some will be more connective and sustaining (meeting up with another group or having a conversation with someone). These will not be stand alone actions, but done in solidarity with larger efforts and organizations we know, trust, respect, and are accountable to.