May 2017: Share Your Experiences

As I travel around the state, I keep hearing about UU congregations reaching out in expressions and actions of solidarity with immigrants, refugees, and those who are incarcerated, and with Muslim, Jewish, African American and other communities at the local level. It is truly heartening to see our faith in action, reaching out to build relationship with others beyond ourselves, striving to live out our interdependence with the diverse communities among which we live.


And at the same time, we know that we continue to have work to do in our own congregations. The Beloved Conversations program and the recent Teach-In on White Supremacy are surely only part of what need to be ongoing conversations and efforts towards dismantling ingrained habits, mindsets, structures and processes that hinder Beloved Community, as we work toward accountable solidarity.


I’d like to offer the UUANI Facebook group as one place for these conversations. I invite you to share your congregation’s experience with work toward both solidarity with others and accountability among ourselves. The group has been changed to a Closed group so posts will not be seen by those not part of the group – please feel free to join if you have not already.