UUANI (Unitarian Universalist Advocacy Network of Illinois) was founded in 2013 and organized to build power among UU congregations in Illinois, in order to put our UU values into meaningful, concrete far-reaching action toward social justice. We work collectively with each other and collaboratively with effective partner organizations to influence the creation of meaningful social change toward justice, beloved community, and a healthy planet. 


We covenant:

  • to listen with respect, and to hold ourselves accountable, to each other, our deepest selves, our UU principles, the earth, and those on the margins of society;

  • to continually work to develop our skills and our effectiveness;

  • to focus our efforts where we can make a real difference, and to judge our efforts by our impact on people and the planet;

  • to work to build energy, capacity, and power in our congregations;

  • to work with other organizations who share our commitment to the common good.

Transparency & Disclosure

Basic informational data about UUANI, such as current, complete, and accurate financial statements, ethics policy and bylaws are available using the links below.