Combating Illegal Gun Trafficking

The people of Illinois have spoken loud and clear — by a vote of 12-1, Illinois voters affirmed a resolution to curb illegal gun trafficking in Illinois by requiring universal gun dealer licensing in Illinois.

SB337, Gun Dealer Licensing — now “Combating Illegal Gun Trafficking” — PASSED BOTH HOUSES in the Spring and now sits on the Governor’s desk. Governor Rauner vetoed a past version of the bill and is likely to do it again — BUT we are close to having a veto-proof majority of legislators committed to overriding the likely veto. We need a few more Senate votes to get the job done in the current legislative year.

Check HERE to see if your senator is on board. If not, send them a nudge HERE to get with the program! And if they have endorsed the bill, click HERE and change the letter to read “THANK YOU for supporting SB337, mandating gun dealer licensing in Illinois to curb illegal gun trafficking.”

Tell the EPA to hold the line for cleaner air!

The EPA is considering a rule that will relax pollution regulations for coal power plants. You voice counts in their deliberations.

Tell the EPA not to weaken pollution regulations for coal power plants by replacing the Clean Power Plan with a rule that they claim is more affordable for the economy of coal-powered industries — but it is anything but “affordable” for those of us planning to breathe air in the foreseeable future. And it is betrayal for our children living into the generations.

Their deadline to hear from the public is THIS WEDNESDAY — so act NOW — your own words reflecting your values as a UU are what they need to hear.

Read the rule HERE and click on “Comment now."

Let’s be heard by the tens of thousands! Let’s rock complacency in the EPA!

Partnering with Faith in Place and Interfaith Power and Light.

Protect safeguards for immigrant children

The Trump administration proposes a new regulation regarding the treatment of immigrant children in detention: the new regulation would replace the Flores Agreement -- which stipulated that children could not be detained for over 20 days -- with regulations that would detain children indefinitely, whether unaccompanied or with their family. The regulation would also shift the licensing of family detention facilities to the federal government, away from state child welfare facilities.

Protecting the growing years of children has been a hallmark of our sense of who we are as a democratic community. We must not allow our government to legislate the inhumane treatment of ANYONE, citizen or no.

This proposed regulation is subject to comment by you, the public, until November 6. Voice your strong opposition to this new attempt to undermine human rights and traumatize children and families seeking safety.

Here is the rule:

Submit a comment here:

In the Search box: ICEB-2018-0002

Click on COMMENT NOW: type in your statement

Click CONTINUE, follow the prompt to SUBMIT

Your vote counts! If you are a professional with expertise, your comment may be used in arguing against the rule.

Partnering with the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee, UUSC