Affordable housing for people with criminal records: A matter of the worth and dignity of every person

Finding and maintaining safe, secure, and affordable housing is one of the most significant challenges for individuals who have criminal records. Without stable housing, individuals are more likely to return into the criminal justice system.

HB3332 creates a tax incentive for landlords to rent to individuals returning from incarceration. Landlords will receive a tax credit equal to 15% of the annual rent paid by a qualified renter who has a criminal record — and for every year that rental is continued.

Stable housing promotes steady employment and fosters mental and physical health. Secure housing is a crucial component of human wellbeing. Ask your legislator to support HB3332.

Check HERE to find out if your legislator is supporting this bill (Don't know who your state representative is? Click HERE to find out)

If they are, click HERE to send a letter of "Thank you for supporting HB3332"

If they are not, Click HERE to ask them to support HB3332.

FURTHER ACTION to show your support

HB3332 comes up for consideration in committee this Thursday, March 21. CLICK HERE to submit a witness slip showing your support for the bill.

Here are instructions for submitting a witness slip:

Under Section I, fill in your identification information (under business you can write “UUANI” or “self” )

Under Section II, write "self."

In Section III, select "Proponent"

In Section IV, select "Record of Appearance Only"

Agree to the ILGA Terms of Agreement (on the bottom left).

Select the "Create Slip" button (on the bottom right). You are done!

Partnering with UU Prison Ministry of Illinois and Community Renewal Society

A Fair Tax for Illinois: A matter of economic justice for all our people

A Fair Tax is a graduated income tax structure that allows low- and middle-income families to pay a smaller percentage of their income in state taxes, while taxing wealthier income holders at a higher rate. Our federal income tax is an example of a graduated schedule. Most other states have a graduated tax structure. A graduated income tax would support the economic wellbeing of working families in Illinois while raising much-needed revenue to fund essential state services.

A Fair Tax represents relief for working families. Under Illinois’ current flat tax (the same percentage for everyone), wealthier residents pay a much smaller percentage of their income in state taxes than do low- and middle-income families. Furthermore, it's because of loopholes and other regressive taxes (like sales taxes) that people with lower incomes end up paying nearly twice the percentage of their income on taxes as people with higher incomes.

A Fair Tax represents significant revenue to pay our chronically overdue bills More revenue is needed in order to put Illinois on a path to fiscal health.

A Fair Tax would raise significant revenue to fund our schools and social services. A more just tax system is long overdue. More info HERE. And HERE’s Governor Pritzker’s Fair Tax calculator for your family:

Click HERE to urge your legislator to support this change so vital for our state economy.

Partnering with the Responsible Budget Coalition and the Community Renewal Society

The Clean Energy Jobs Act of 2019: Affirming the interdependent web of which we are ALL a part

Last week, Illinois rolled out an updated Clean Energy Jobs Act for 2019. HB3624 and SB2132 set these bold goals for Illinois:

1. Clean energy job growth and training, especially for economically disadvantaged communities of color, communities impacted by pollution, and former fossil fuel workers

2. Replacing one million fossil fuel-powered vehicles with electric vehicles, mass transit, and other alternatives.

3. A carbon-free power sector for Illinois by 2030 and 100% clean renewable energy for Illinois by 2050.

Click HERE to urge your legislators to co-sponsor this important initiative!

Partnering with Faith in Place and the Illinois Clean Jobs Coalition